About Us


Lead by a group of top notch print industry experts across the APAC region

About Us


At 3Alps, we pride ourselves in providing end-to-end print solutions in the 3 main categories: Packaging, Textile, and Signage printing. Helmed by a group of industry experts that have accumulated over 20 years of experience, our products are guaranteed to provide effective and precise solutions to meet the current market demands.

Having worked with established end-user printer brands all across Asia, we have developed a deep understanding of the technologies driving the various print processes. As such, we understand the inherent challenges faced by the industry such as maintaining quality control, boosting efficiency, and ensuring sustainable cost-effectiveness. With a deep understanding of the technologies driving the various print processes, we identify the pain points in the market and deliver effective solutions to address these concerns.

Backed with strong end-to-end partner support, our team is able to focus our efforts on delivering our brand promise to users. Thus, our ultimate vision is to become the most efficient and effective print solutions provider in the region.

Our Mission


Our business is built with the purpose of addressing present issues while expanding new applications in the digital print industry. Thus, our primary objective is to deliver innovative large-format printer solutions with sustainable profitability for our clients.

Our Vision


As a technology-driven company, our vision is be at the leading edge of cultivating the latest developments in the world of industrial printing evolution. With the customer at the fore-front of our efforts, we aspire to launch lasting trends that will lead the print industry forward.


Our Brand Promise


Sustainable Solutions
Service Excellence
Effectiveness & Efficiency

Advancing Innovative Research

We understand the importance of building a team of in-house experts that can concentrate on the technical features and functionalities of the printers. With a team of over 500 engineers, including the R&D department, our products have attained over 100 patents and copyrights.

Furthermore, our products are all custom-manufactured to the specifications of each client. This ensures that we are closely working with each client to enhance product development and R&D processes to better meet present and future market demands.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are at the core of our business. This is why we have established a stringent process of recruiting partner networks to work with. Furthermore, our close ties with trusted partner networks ensure that we are able to obtain the most innovative solutions for our customers.

With an effective R&D team that is technologically driven to implement innovative solutions, we are able to establish multi-brand collaborations all around the world. Consequently, with such a strong end-to-end partner network, we are able to be more customer-oriented by focusing our efforts on delivering service excellence and maintaining high customer satisfactions.

The Expert Touch

Our dedicated team has been working in the print industry for over 20 years and was involved in various aspects of the printing process.

As such, we are acutely aware of the challenges and pain points in the market. Thus, our solutions are developed with the core objective of enhancing productivity and amplifying scalability for our customers.

Furthermore, we are cognizant of the highly competitive landscape with stringent requirements from all stakeholders. Therefore, we are dedicated to provide you solutions that are profitable and sustainable.

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